AUSTIN, Texas, January 26, 2021: Today, WillHire announced that it is the first in the market to provide a fully integrated solution with Glider AI that will transform how talent is curated for new roles. WillHire’s class-leading, direct sourcing and talent pool solution, and Glider AI’s best-of-breed assessment and screening platform are now optimized to work seamlessly together.

The two companies have collaborated closely together to link their solutions, enabling enterprise contingent hiring teams to quickly fill critical job vacancies with quality candidates. This integration assures a streamlined experience for hiring managers so they can instantly evaluate a candidate’s skill set against a role.

Our solution will provide the much-needed curation the market has been missing. This will improve time-to-hire by concentrating efforts on assessing and validating candidate quality. As a result, there will be less ramp-up time and the burden will be taken off the hiring manager to vet and qualify candidates. This means companies and candidates find the right fit, right away.

“Contingent workers fill a critical need for organizations of all sizes and across all industries, now more than ever before,” WillHire CEO and Founder Praneeth Patlola said of the announcement. “It’s imperative that companies transform candidate curation processes so they quickly fill vital roles with the highest-skilled candidates while reducing burdens on hiring teams. A robust talent curation process is essential to build and grow a vetted private talent pool, which is key for any direct sourcing program.”

In today’s market, speed-to-hire is more important than it’s ever been. Not only does it directly impact a company’s bottom line through costly project delays, but you’ll also miss out on high-quality, in-demand candidates if you don’t act fast. According to SHRM, the average time-to-fill is 41 days. This challenge is even greater for contingent roles with the need to fill roles faster. While this varies among industries, any requisite change to improve this is critical.

“WillHire and Glider AI significantly improves time-to-fill by providing immediate, proven skills assessments and credential validation directly to hiring managers, so they know that a given candidate has the requisite skills to perform the job. It’s fast, effective, and will elevate the hiring process immediately” says Satish Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Glider AI.

As part of the talent curation process, WillHire platform users access and assign tests from Gilder’s robust assessment library or even build a new customized assessment for any candidate. Upon completion of the test, the results are automatically published and accessible within WillHire, which then are also made available in VMS for the hiring manager to view.

WillHire and Glider will be presenting on the importance of transforming talent curation at the World Staffing Summit on January 28th, 2021.

About WillHire
WillHire is a direct sourcing and talent pool solution enabling enterprises to attract, curate, and engage contingent talent by leveraging their employer brand. WillHire’s technology solution seamlessly integrates with SAP Fieldglass, enabling enterprises to build and grow their private talent pool with skills across all professional, light industrial, and shift roles. Through customized talent referral programs, talent traffic generation from 2000+ online channels, expert human-based talent curation, and robotic sourcing from public talent pools, customers can launch a reliable alternate talent sourcing channel that brings in high-quality diverse temp workers at a significantly reduced cost. For more information about WillHire, visit WillHire

About Glider AI
Glider augments candidate quality and increases transparency in the talent ecosystem for the Full time and Extended Workforce. Glider’s SaaS solution with the “Total Talent Quality”™ approach brings Quality Metrics to the forefront at the Enterprise Contingent Programs. Glider helps hundreds of the world’s top Staffing firms to stand out from the crowd and bring more revenue. As the leading all-in-one automation and Talent Quality solution, hiring teams can quickly determine whether a candidate can do the job through SCREEN, ASSESS, and INTERVIEW products. Glider’s automated assessments support 150+ Coding Languages and Technology Frameworks, 100+ Non-Tech Functional Areas, Cognitive, Analytical, Psychometric, and Aptitude evaluations. Armed with the skill report of the vetted candidates and the AI-based proctoring insights, hiring managers are better equipped to interview candidates, turbocharging the interview process and closing more positions! Glider improves the hiring managers’ and candidates’ experience while adding tremendous value to MSP/Self-Managed program owners by increasing the placement rates and reducing time to fill positions. For more information about Glider, visit glider.ai.

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