Direct Sourcing and Talent Pools | WillHire’s commitment to our client’s success with Direct Sourcing and Talent Pools is paramount and what drives our strategic partnership strategy.  We continually evaluate providers of HR tech and HR services to ensure we are aligned with industry leaders which when collaborating together, we multiply the value we deliver to our customers. 

A great example of this combined value is with our newest partner, TalentBurst.  TalentBurst is a leader in high hazard & global payroll and IC validation and compliance solutions.  Why is this partnership so important, you ask?  

First and foremost, high hazard workers are critical to delivering on a companies mission so you need to find them fast, fill the shifts with the right skilled talent, onboard them quickly, and ultimately pay them, compliantly.

To find these workers and fill the shifts is where WillHire fits in. WillHire is the only provider committed to enabling Direct Sourcing and Talent Pooling for all types of talent; professional to light industrial to shift work, including high-hazard work.  WillHire cemented this commitment with the recent launch of WillHire OnDemand, the first in the industry direct sourcing app, and with just two steps, hiring managers can fill as many shifts with as many workers as needed in just minutes.   

TalentBurst’s expertise in high hazard payroll and expedited onboarding is a vital piece of the puzzle for this important workforce.  In the rush to onboard workers, many times payroll misclassification occurs which puts the organization at risk.  

If you employ light industrial and shift workers, especially high hazard, are you ready to find better talent faster and pay them compliantly?

Together, WillHire and TalentBurst enable organizations to meet their high demands with streamlined worker sourcing, engagement, compliance, and payroll.
To learn more, visit us at www.willhire.co

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