As a hiring manager or a workforce manager have you wondered what amount of talent curation your suppliers of talent (staffing vendors, online talent marketplaces, direct sourcing platforms, freelancer platforms) are applying to their candidates to ensure they are as good as they need to be and will be successful in their work for your organization?  Or, even worse, have you hired candidates, onboarded them, and after they work for several weeks you’ve realized they just don’t have the skills to cut it?  It’s a waste of time, a waste of money, and jeopardizes your teams ability to deliver on their mission.

Talent curation is one of the most critical components for any hiring program.  Assessing candidate’s skills are an instrumental part of curation and is exactly why we formed a strategic partnership with Glider AI.  Glider’s expertise in assessments and their automated platform makes them the leading provider in the market, so it only made sense to form our partnership.  

Best in class direct sourcing and talent pooling with best in class candidate assessments. 

The Value of Partnership

Our partnership mission is to bring high value to our customers.  Independently we have our value proposition, and when combined, it’s compounded multiple times;  

Candidate Quality for the Job

The importance of finding the right talent the first time is critical (looking back to the way we started this article).   Through automated matching based upon 256 points ensures the right candidates are matched to the job requirements.  To further amplify this, Glider assessments ensures the candidates are proficient in those necessary skills.  The results; customers have realized candidate placement rates jump by 3 times. The typical submission to start ratio is dropped from 18:1 to 4:1.  A massive improvement.

Time to Fill

As they say, time is money.  Time to fill is the key metric that every customer worries about. Why?  As roles are left open it’s makes it difficult for a team to deliver on their mission; whether it’s in the world of software development, manufacturing, distribution, and the list goes on.  Through automation and integration between all of the platforms used in a contingent workforce program, talent curation occurs immediately through matching algorithms, automated text and emails with candidates, and of course, streamlined assessments all proven to bring down the time to fill by 30-50% as compared to traditional staffing processes.

We are thrilled to bring our partnership with Glider to market and continue helping our customers innovate their workforce programs.  With fully integrated platforms we have streamlined the processes to ensure quality and speed. 

To know more about our partnership check out our press release and to learn the importance of talent curation, please download the “Talent Curation Playbook: Demystifying The Facts, Value & Importance”.


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