WillHire Is Your Pathway To Total Workforce Management Solution

Launch a fully intergrated talent attraction, curation and engagement solution merging your HR and Procurement functions to deliver unified candidate experience and ensuring 100% compliance.

WillHire As A Total Workforce Management Solution

Manage your external workforce including contract workers, freelancers and IC workers
to create a holistic pathway for total talent management

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Unified Talent Attraction

Re-purpose your existing talent sourcing channels of direct hire to attract temp talent optimizing your applicant conversion rate.

Consistent Candidate Experience

Leverage a centralized career page for all jobs from your ATS, VMS & FMS to offer the best candidate experience.

Centralized Assessment & Curation

Build a screening process based on skills for both direct hire and contract roles to repurpose the assessement tools to deliver the best talent curation.

Personalized Talent Engagement

Leverage AI based Talent CRM to engage and cross sell all open jobs within a single talent pool which includes silver medalists, alumini, tenure expired contractors, public talent pools, freelancers.

Seamless management with Compliance

Create individual pre-defined onboarding pathways for Direct Hire, Contingent labor and 1099’s leveraging (EOR/AOR) Employer & Agent of Record who shadows your internal HR functions to ensure 100% compliance with the modern workforce laws and mitigate co-employment risks.