The on-demand economy is defined as the economic activity created by digital marketplaces and technology companies to fulfill consumer demand via immediate access to goods and services. The rapid growth of the “on-demand economy” is accelerated by food delivery, cab aggregators, and e-commerce players like Doordash, Uber, Amazon, etc. This has meant a new way of doing business where there is no better time to get something than exact the moment you need it.

According to McKinsey Global Institute in the US & EU around 162 million people are working in the on-demand economy. A wide range of professionals from designers, consultants, developers, engineers are finding gigs with platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Also, electricians, carpenters, handyman are finding clients through Taskrabbit and Rated People.

If the on-demand economy has taken off for consumers, why have enterprise organizations contingent labor programs been unable to move to the on-demand model and away from the age-old traditional staffing models?  Certainly, organizations are concerned with process redesign, compliance, hiring manager adoption, and training on new technology.

But what if there is an easy way to move to the on-demand model with little impact on processes and people while remaining fully compliant?

WillHire OnDemand brings the on-demand economy to enterprise organizations contingent workforce programs.  With WillHire OnDemand you can fill as many shifts and positions as you have immediately with pre-vetted, pre-background checked candidates matched directly to your job requirements. It fits into your hiring model and makes the process faster, better, and more cost-effective. All this is done with zero disruption to your existing processes with our deep VMS integration, enabling you to get up and running in no time.  WillHire OnDemand elevates direct sourcing, upgrades your contingent labor program model, and brings the on-demand economy to your contingent workforce program.

The top 5 reasons to adopt the on-demand model for your contingent workforce?

1. Reduce no-shows

High churn and drop-off rates of candidates create holes in shifts and mean you need to backfill roles immediately, which is super challenging with the traditional sourcing model. Employer-branded private talent pools create a better candidate experience and build a direct relationship with the candidates, leading to higher trust and mitigates no-shows. Organizations see a no-show rate of around 23% for contingent workers filling shift positions. WillHire OnDemand locates quality candidates within a 30-mile radius of a job location who are available immediately. What’s more, the technology has automated text reminders that ping workers in advance of their shift.

2. Eliminate unfilled shifts

Inability to fill all shift roles have historically made this workforce feel unpredictable and undependable. Additionally, traditional staffing methods make it difficult to fill multiple roles and shifts at once and are costly and inefficient. With WillHire OnDemand you can fill as many shifts and positions immediately as you have with pre-vetted, pre-background checked, geolocated candidates matched directly to your job requirements. OnDemand automatically engages with your curated backup bench to secure a replacement to backfill. This bench is kept warm and engaged so when the need arises, they jump in immediately.

Strategies to eliminate the big challenge of engaging shift workers

3. Decrease overhead cost

With an on-demand model in place, you can avoid the traditional staffing suppliers model that is costly and time-consuming to engage. With an on-demand workforce, you engage ready-to-go talent at a lower bill rate compared to the typical staffing markups. This allows you to scale your workforce where it counts: the talent, not process.

4. Fill roles faster

Finding workers and then actually showing up for work is laden with manual methods and includes difficult tasks for everybody including hiring managers, contingent program offices, and suppliers, and not to mention the candidates themselves. This is frustrating, time-consuming, and costly. And it impacts the job to be done on time. With tools like WillHire OnDemand, you can easily request pre-vetted and pre-checked workers with a simple tap to fill as many shifts as you need within minutes without worrying about the VMS or internal PMO workflows. 

5. Hire quality talent

Access to specialized knowledge is often critical to a company’s competitive advantage. Further, hiring an expert equals getting a job done faster than having to train someone who’s just getting started. On-demand workers usually specialize in a particular industry or expertise. For example, you might find a forklift operator who works exclusively with Clark/Caterpillar forklifts. Having a specialized niche allows on-demand workers to win jobs from companies seeking their skills. It also benefits your company’s ability to fill needs as they arise. WillHire OnDemand’s review and rating functionality help you hire quality talent with a single tap.


The on-demand economy can revolutionize the contingent workforce and the impact on the business can be tremendous. Its time for companies to look at technology-enabled solutions that fit into their hiring process to make their hiring process faster, better, and cost-effective.

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