SAP Fieldglass and WillHire

WillHire is the first to market direct sourcing and talent pool platform with seamless integration with SAP Fieldglass for customers to directly source all categories of contingent workers; professional and light industrial/shift work.

As a certified partner of the SAP Fieldglass Digital Partner Network and an approved SAP Partner, WillHire’s Direct Sourcing and Talent Pool platform plugs directly into the SAP Fieldglass VMS, enabling users to get the right skilled talent, in the right place, at the right cost, within minutes.

WillHire & SAP Fieldglass Partnership

WillHire Direct Sourcing & Talent Pool Management Now Available on SAP® App Center

WillHire Direct Sourcing & Talent Pool Management now available on SAP® app Center to help optimize contingent workforce management.

By integrating with SAP Fieldglass® Contingent Workforce Management, WillHire enables customers to attract, curate and engage top contingent labor.

Innovating Workforce Strategies to Navigate the 'Never Normal'

As the world is grappling with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, enterprises are looking for innovative strategies to attract, deploy and re-engage the contingent workforce for business continuity. Kevin Poll from WillHire had the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with Paul Petersen, Director of Workforce Solutions, Siemens Healthineers and Molly Spatara, Global Vice President of Brand Experience, SAP Fieldglass on how new strategies, including direct sourcing, can enable enterprises to better adapt to the new ‘never normal’.

Direct Sourcing: The benefits, value and secrets to integrating a partner '

- The fundamentals of Direct Sourcing, what's included and what you should be thinking about
- The benefits of implementing a Direct Sourcing program and how it can bring value to your organization
- How does your VMS fit in with Direct Sourcing, and how your technology platform can be utilized
- Cutting costs while attracting high - quality talent
-Integrating an MSP, why a service provider is important and why it's needed

[OnDemand Webinar] Addressing The Challenges Of Light Industrial And Shift Work Hiring '

Contingent labor programs are still backlogged with age-old processes. No-shows, unfilled shifts, and unqualified workers cause frustration for hiring teams.

Join Johnson Controls, SAP Fieldglass, and WillHire to understand the innovations they've made to tackle these challenges and many more.

WillHire & SAP Fieldglass Innovating On-demand Workforce

How WillHire & SAP Fieldglass Work Together?

A Seamless Plug-n-play solution readily available for SAP Fieldglass customers  

Are you a SAP Fieldglass customer who is looking for new ways to save money on contingent labor? Are you a SAP Fieldglass customer who is looking for new ways to save money on contingent labor?

Are you a SAP Fieldglass customer who is looking for new ways to save money on contingent labor?

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