Christopher Dwyer, VP of Research at Ardent Partners joins WillHire CEO Praneeth Patlola in one of the episodes of Contingent Workforce Weekly’s podcast to discuss the evolution of contingent workforce and its technology-led transformation in the form of direct sourcing.

As businesses are reopening in phases after the temporary shutdown due to the pandemic, non-employee workforce hiring (freelancers, contract workers) is expected to ramp up and the role of technology in the contingent workforce landscape will be crucial for organization’s success in the post pandemic world. 

Both Chris and Praneeth share a common interest in understanding the evolution of contingent workforce and exchange perspectives on nurture based strategies to engage candidates in talent pool.

Talent pool development and curation in direct sourcing are going to be the two major focal areas for organizations in 2020 when businesses focus on increasing the share of contingent workers in their workforce.

In this conversation, Chris and Praneeth discuss how the pandemic is expediting the idea and execution of managing a digital workforce, which was gradually emerging as the the future of work before the Covid-19 outbreak and why direct sourcing is becoming a hot topic for organizations to create, curate and manage a talent pool. 

Listen to the podcast below to know more on direct sourcing and how it reinvents contingent labor management with HR tech resulting in cost and program optimization.

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