We keep hearing from hiring managers across healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and call centers (and more) their biggest worry is wondering if they’ll have the workers they need for their shifts today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Today’s processes are broken and out of date.  Finding workers and them showing up is laden with manual methods and includes difficult tasks for everybody including hiring managers, contingent program offices, and suppliers, and not to mention the candidates themselves.  Between phone calls, voicemails, emails, manual searching of databases, and not to mention hopes and wishes of all parties to find a great job/candidate fit, it’s completely frustrating, time-consuming, and costly.  And the impacts are felt throughout the organization and leads to;

  • Unfilled shifts
  • No show workers
  • Unqualified candidates
  • High labor costs
  • Missed project deadlines
  • Disengaged and poor candidate experience

So how big is this problem?

According to SIA, over 60% of all temporary workers are in the light industrial category.  And over 90% of our contacts are looking for new ways to solve for Light Industrial and Shift Work hiring. 

That’s a staggering number!  With the size and importance of this workforce and the importance they play for organizations of all sizes, we set out on a mission to solve for the challenges to find, attract, and fill shifts seamlessly and quickly.

To solve for the challenges we answered several important questions;

  • How do we connect the right fit candidate to the job as soon as the need is identified while delivering a great experience to everybody?
  • Where is the talent?  
  • What sites are they visiting to find work? 
  • How can we connect with them?
  • How can we engage on a personal level so they want to work for an organization?
  • How do we make it simple to stay engaged with and redeploy talent that worked well in the past?

This is why WillHire OnDemand came to be.  An extension to our core WillHire Direct Sourcing and Talent Pool platform.  We’ve applied our expertise in direct sourcing, years of experience in contingent labor and recruitment, and input from countless hiring managers to create a solution that solves the challenges and fixes the out of date and broken processes of light industrial and shift work hiring.

We’ve uncovered significant value, including;

  • Tremendous cost savings 
  • Immediate and automatic matching of candidates in the company’s pre-vetted private talent pool and public talent pools
  • Reduced time to hire with talent matched to the shift needs
  • Compliance and integration with the VMS system
  • Reduction in no-show workers
  • Instant bench of backup talent
  • Elimination of unfilled shifts
  • Re-engagement of previous highly ranked workers

There is much more to come about WillHire OnDemand.  We are thrilled to bring this innovative solution to the market and help our customers save time, reduce costs, and never leave a shift unfilled.

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