Are you among countless enterprise organizations looking to implement direct sourcing and talent pools for your contingent workforce program?  Direct sourcing is certainly the hot topic in any industry event and for good reason.  The proof points of a successful program are exciting…reduced time to fill, reduced costs, high quality of candidates.  It’s changing the way companies find and connect with great temporary talent.


There are many decisions to be made and considerations when selecting a direct sourcing and talent pool technology provider (or if you already have a solution, when evaluating new options).  Brand approval to use the brand to attract talent, integrations with the services and solutions you already have in place today like the MSP and VMS, who’s going to recruit and curate the talent in the pool, access to diverse talent so you can expand D&I strategies to your contingent workforce, candidate experience, do you want to have a global direct sourcing program, and certainly how the workers you engage with through direct sourcing are going to be paid are some of the important considerations. 

Understanding that direct sourcing technology is one piece of a large puzzle that must all fit together nicely to create a successful program, we continue to collaborate throughout the industry by creating strategic partnerships with top providers.  Together, WillHire and our partners work together to improve the results our mutual customers look for while providing a great candidate experience (we can’t leave the workers out of this important equation).

You’ve got the worker, now what?

Direct sourcing is leveraging the brand to attract and stay engaged with top talent so when you need a worker, you can get them fast.  WillHire has you covered on this from professional roles in IT, finance, and marketing to light industrial and shift work like warehouse workers, call center reps, and hospitality.  Now that you have the worker to do the job, you need to onboard them easily and efficiently and get them paid on a timely basis.  Enter the need for a payroll partner who can pay all types of workers. 

Not just any payroll provider, one that can ensure the candidate receives world-class service, one that can onboard them efficiently, and one that can deploy any type of worker without worrying about payroll mistakes or misclassifying workers. 

People2.0 is the EOR and AOR provider for the talent procurement sector.  P20’s white-glove service and mobile and easy-to-use platform provide the candidates with a great experience from day 1 to their last day working with you.  Speaking of great candidate experience, we can’t forget about the importance of a smooth transition from recruiting and curating of direct sourcing to onboarding the worker with P20.  With a strategic partnership in place, we’ve built the collaboration necessary to ensure an incredibly smooth transition.

Delhi? Buenos Aires?  Berlin? London?  Hong Kong?

Yes, I love to travel to these places but I’m talking about work.  It happens around the world for most enterprise organizations.  No matter where in the world you have offices that needs work done, direct sourcing enables you to attract and connect with local talent and pay them. It’s imperative that you have a global payroll provider who has the local expertise to ensure complete compliance and mitigate risk. 

Whether you are newly exploring direct sourcing or a seasoned professional, consider how a direct sourcing solution and global payroll provider partnership can bring even greater value to your organization.

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