Just recently we announced our strategic partnership with Checkr, the modern-day background check platform that’s empowering the gig economy.   If you don’t know about Checkr, check them out here.   We are thrilled how this integrated partnership will bring tremendous value to hiring managers, contingent workforce leaders, and our MSP partners.

To put the importance of this partnership into perspective, think about how every day in our consumer world we leverage the gig economy to get instant access to drivers, food delivery, grocery delivery, and more.  I certainly couldn’t live without being able to use my phone to request a ride home from the airport to have the driver show up in a few minutes….or use my phone app to order my dinner from my favorite restaurant down the road.

We’ve all come to expect this instant access in our consumer world but why don’t we expect this same instant access to workers as well?  We certainly should and we can now through the WillHire and Checkr partnership.  

You may be wondering how this works.  

At WillHire, we’ve built the most advanced direct sourcing and talent pool platform to attract, curate, and engage with today’s workers.  The system leverages the company brand, integration to over 2,000 job boards, social media channels, and referrals to build a custom private talent pool just for the organization.  This talent pool is built and is continually expanding, with whatever skill sets and locations that the company needs to hire for, so as soon as the need for a worker is realized, the talent pool has the skilled talent necessary.  Since this is a custom private talent pool, it can have whatever skills are needed, from software engineers to call center reps to warehouse packers to healthcare workers. 

As an example, a well-known manufacturer of printers and other devices used in industries around the world leverages their WillHire direct sourcing and talent pool for roles including admin/clerical, hardware engineers, software engineers, repair technicians, manufacturing line workers, warehouse workers, and more. 

There is no limitation to the types of workers an organization can have in its talent pool.  Now that the organization has a talent pool to tap into when needs arise, they need to get the best worker matched to the job and get them to work as soon as possible.  With a properly managed talent pool in place which leverages machine learning and AI to match and engage talent, it reduces the time it normally takes to find workers from traditional suppliers by over 30%. 

This is one of the big reasons why companies implement direct sourcing with talent pools.  To revolutionize the age-old processes of contingent workforce programs we had to come up with something even bigger and something that hasn’t been done.  This led us to what is now our embedded and integrated partnership with Checkr. 

Members of your talent pool can be pre-background checked and with Checkr’s industry only continuous check solution, they are continually checked which is the solution that is powering the gig economy today.   This pre-checked talent pool means you no longer have to wait (and hope for a clean check) to get a worker to work.  There are zero delays in getting a worker.  This is worth repeating….if you need a worker immediately, you can get them. Enter gig economy for your contingent workforce program.  With WillHire and Checkr you have instant access to ready-to-go workers just like we do for drivers, food, and more in our personal lives.

The age-old processes have been completely revolutionized.  Rather than waiting the sometimes days or weeks to find and select a worker and have them background checked, WillHire and Checkr enable you to find and select a worker within moments.

Are you interested in reimagining your contingent workforce program and getting real-time talent to fill roles across your organization, let us know and we’d be happy to help?

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