What does it take to make direct sourcing a success?

Have you heard all of the industry buzz about direct sourcing?  If you go to any contingent workforce industry event direct sourcing is the star topic of discussion.  According to SIA, 41% of enterprise organizations plan to implement direct sourcing in the near term.   If you are among one of these contingent program leaders, […]

A global payroll provider? Yes, it’s critical to your direct sourcing and talent pool strategy

Are you among countless enterprise organizations looking to implement direct sourcing and talent pools for your contingent workforce program?  Direct sourcing is certainly the hot topic in any industry event and for good reason.  The proof points of a successful program are exciting…reduced time to fill, reduced costs, high quality of candidates.  It’s changing the […]

Direct Sourcing and Background Checks Enable Immediate Access to Talent

Just recently we announced our strategic partnership with Checkr, the modern-day background check platform that’s empowering the gig economy.   If you don’t know about Checkr, check them out here.   We are thrilled how this integrated partnership will bring tremendous value to hiring managers, contingent workforce leaders, and our MSP partners. To put the […]

3 Components For Successful Talent Curation

Talent curation means engaging with candidates by thorough screening, interviewing, and skills assessment/testing in advance of them being submitted for a role. Curation is critical to ensuring a person has the right hard and soft skills to perform at a high level. Curation is strategic, systematic, and tailored by role, industry, and skill. More importantly, […]

Top 5 Benefits of Adopting The On-Demand Model For Your Contingent Workforce

The on-demand economy is defined as the economic activity created by digital marketplaces and technology companies to fulfill consumer demand via immediate access to goods and services. The rapid growth of the “on-demand economy” is accelerated by food delivery, cab aggregators, and e-commerce players like Doordash, Uber, Amazon, etc. This has meant a new way […]

What is shift work and how it is useful for industries?

If your business is open for more than 16+ hours a day, chances are you’re going to need to schedule some type of shift work.  But what exactly is shift work? What industries use it? And why is it important to industries? What is shift work? One of the simplest ways to understand shift work […]

It’s Finally Time for Change in Light Industrial And Shift Hiring

We keep hearing from hiring managers across healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and call centers (and more) their biggest worry is wondering if they’ll have the workers they need for their shifts today, tomorrow, and beyond. Today’s processes are broken and out of date.  Finding workers and them showing up is laden with manual methods and includes […]

WillHire and TalentBurst, partnering to address the challenges of high hazard hiring

Direct Sourcing and Talent Pools | WillHire’s commitment to our client’s success with Direct Sourcing and Talent Pools is paramount and what drives our strategic partnership strategy.  We continually evaluate providers of HR tech and HR services to ensure we are aligned with industry leaders which when collaborating together, we multiply the value we deliver […]

WillHire and Glider; Innovation in Talent Curation

As a hiring manager or a workforce manager have you wondered what amount of talent curation your suppliers of talent (staffing vendors, online talent marketplaces, direct sourcing platforms, freelancer platforms) are applying to their candidates to ensure they are as good as they need to be and will be successful in their work for your […]

What is talent curation and why is it important?

What is Talent Curation? | Finding and engaging top talent quickly and efficiently is the number one goal when companies hire, whether it’s for full-time or contract.  Looking past traditional methodologies is a must in order for companies to connect with today’s workers. Direct sourcing and talent pools have become the go-to strategy for companies […]