We just launched our latest in the series Diversity Playbooks and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  In fact, our entire team at WillHire is as passionate about Diversity and Inclusion.  It’s personal to us and we live it each day in the culture of our organization.  We also enable other organizations to expand their D&I strategies to their contingent workforce programs through our direct sourcing and talent pool technology.

Our latest playbook focuses on how leaders at all levels must lead the way in carrying forward the mission of diversity and creating a culture of inclusivity for all categories of workers; whether it be full-time, part-time, seasonal, or contractor.   The C suite Executive team opens the doors with the mission and policies and sets the bar for the organization but without the commitment and follow-through at all levels, the mission will fail.

Are you a leader of an organization?  Are you wondering where do you start? 

I believe it starts with asking some questions…questions to your leaders and questions for yourself.

  • Does your organization have a mission on Diversity and Inclusion?
  • Do your leaders support this mission with their own leadership style?
  • How can you make an impact on diversity and inclusion?
  • How can you create a culture of inclusivity for your entire team, no matter their employment type?
  • Can you build your team to be more diverse?  
  • If your team is diverse, have you spent time learning about the individual team members and walked in their steps, as they say?

Diversity and Inclusion missions are a long-term commitment and it’s not just you individually to drive this mission forward and create a culture of inclusivity.  Don’t think you are alone.  To make a change it requires everybody to work together; talking, learning, and relying on each other.  Just as I look at WillHire and our diversity playbook series and our mission to help organizations expand their D&I strategies to their contingent workforce, it’s not just WillHire’s job to do this.  Diversity and inclusion is so critically important it should be the entire industry coming together, including HR tech providers doing their part to enable companies to improve diversity and make cultural shifts to be more inclusive. 

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