Does Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Include Contingent Workforce?

#TotalTalentDiversity Diversity, Inclusion & Equity has become more important than ever for organizations where they stand for social justice and equality. Workplace cultures are more complex due to the increased interconnectivity, thanks to the impetus of globalization. Today’s workplace is a melting pot where people from several communities with different identities and backgrounds interact and […]

[Fireside Chat Highlights] Innovating Workforce Strategies in the ‘Never Normal’

#ReInventingCandidateSourcing We just wrapped up our online fireside chat “Innovating Contingent Workforce Strategies in the new never normal” with Molly Spatara, Global VP of Brand at SAP Procurement Solutions and Paul Petersen, Head of Workforce Solutions at Siemens Healthineers.  The event was our way of sharing new ideas and strategies to help organizations as they […]

[Podcast] Direct sourcing and the Growing Role of Technology in Contingent Workforce Programs

Christopher Dwyer, VP of Research at Ardent Partners joins WillHire CEO Praneeth Patlola in one of the episodes of Contingent Workforce Weekly’s podcast to discuss the evolution of contingent workforce and its technology-led transformation in the form of direct sourcing. As businesses are reopening in phases after the temporary shutdown due to the pandemic, non-employee […]

Webinar Take Away: Time to Look Beyond Traditional Sourcing Through VMS

The Future of Sourcing: Combining Direct Sourcing with Your VMS Strategy History has taught us that when the economy climbs back after a downturn, companies look toward the contingent labor landscape to get work done and optimize labor spend. The share of contingent labor in an organization’s workforce went up north after the culmination of […]

Direct Sourcing Strategy: 5 Benefits to Your Temp Labor Program

Any enterprise which is driven by people-delivered services demands high quality of output from its temp labor to sustain its growth and meet business objectives. Contingent workforce programs or temp labor have long remained under the purview of services procurement despite its functional expertise being more relevant to human resources. That’s why contingent labor programs, […]

Interview with Marc Husain and Praneeth about recent partnership on Direct Sourcing

June 11, 2020– VectorVMS recently announced a new partnership with a leading direct sourcing company, WillHire. This partnership comes from the desire of both organizations to help companies achieve recruiting objectives in the contingent workforce. We caught up with Marc Husain (Managing Director at VectorVMS) and Praneeth Patlola (CEO at WillHire) to find out what […]

Top 5 Use Cases of Machine Learning in Temp Hiring

The role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in temp hiring has the potential to change the hiring process. While the goal of recruitment has always been bringing the best candidates and jobs together, with an average job opening receiving 250 resume submissions, finding the best candidate from a massive applicant pool is easier said […]

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