It’s Finally Time for Change in Light Industrial And Shift Hiring

We keep hearing from hiring managers across healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and call centers (and more) their biggest worry is wondering if they’ll have the workers they need for their shifts today, tomorrow, and beyond. Today’s processes are broken and out of date.  Finding workers and them showing up is laden with manual methods and includes […]

WillHire and TalentBurst, partnering to address the challenges of high hazard hiring

WillHire and TalentBurst | WillHire’s commitment to our client’s success with Direct Sourcing and Talent Pools is paramount and what drives our strategic partnership strategy.  We continually evaluate providers of HR tech and HR services to ensure we are aligned with industry leaders which when collaborating together, we multiply the value we deliver to our […]

WillHire and Glider; Innovation in Talent Curation

As a hiring manager or a workforce manager have you wondered what amount of talent curation your suppliers of talent (staffing vendors, online talent marketplaces, direct sourcing platforms, freelancer platforms) are applying to their candidates to ensure they are as good as they need to be and will be successful in their work for your […]

What is talent curation and why is it important?

What is Talent Curation? | Finding and engaging top talent quickly and efficiently is the number one goal when companies hire, whether it’s for full-time or contract.  Looking past traditional methodologies is a must in order for companies to connect with today’s workers. Direct sourcing and talent pools have become the go-to strategy for companies […]

Leadership’s role in advancing D&I initiatives

We just launched our latest in the series Diversity Playbooks and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  In fact, our entire team at WillHire is as passionate about Diversity and Inclusion.  It’s personal to us and we live it each day in the culture of our organization.  We also enable other organizations to expand their D&I […]

Where to start for direct sourcing?

With the increase in the number of participants in the independent workforce, companies realize they now have access to better talent than ever before. Enterprises with extensive requirements for contingent workforce deal with a massive cost from staffing agencies, quality issues, and lack of control in their day to day operations now understand direct sourcing […]

What are the benefits of Direct Sourcing?

In today’s digital age, companies have access to a pool of more than forty-one million independent professionals. With unprecedented growth in this labor market, 61% of organizations say they expect to hire more contingent workers in the next three years. More and more organizations are looking to solve the big question – “What if we […]

What is Direct Sourcing?

In today’s digital age, the global talent market is becoming increasingly dynamic and competitive with 90% of the talent finding their jobs online. A leading industry statistic says that the preferred mode of job search by 65% of this talent, is via a mobile device. With mobile devices, while the world is virtually at one’s […]

Does Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Include Contingent Workforce?

#TotalTalentDiversity Diversity, Inclusion & Equity has become more important than ever for organizations where they stand for social justice and equality. Workplace cultures are more complex due to the increased interconnectivity, thanks to the impetus of globalization. Today’s workplace is a melting pot where people from several communities with different identities and backgrounds interact and […]

[Fireside Chat Highlights] Innovating Workforce Strategies in the ‘Never Normal’

#ReInventingCandidateSourcing We just wrapped up our online fireside chat “Innovating Contingent Workforce Strategies in the new never normal” with Molly Spatara, Global VP of Brand at SAP Procurement Solutions and Paul Petersen, Head of Workforce Solutions at Siemens Healthineers.  The event was our way of sharing new ideas and strategies to help organizations as they […]

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