Looking into the Crystal Ball; The Future of Platforms, Data, and Automation for the Contingent Workforce

Today our CEO Praneeth Patlola was joined at World Staffing Summit by Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of PRO Unlimited, and industry expert, Andrew Karpie as they looked back on the evolution in the management of contingent workers and they looked forward in how platforms, data, and technology is driving our contingent workforce industry at lightning speed.  […]

WillHire’s Journey to Change Contingent Staffing Industry

The journey started in 2006 trying to understand why there isn’t a better way for candidates to directly engage with enterprises for contract roles. Many of my friends and peers might say, “please not again 2006” 🙂 Looking back it is funny how it took 15 years, 7 product pivots which include, [Gigumes – Gigs […]

Thoughts on Our Acquisition and a Message for Our Partners

As I look back at my career (no comments from the peanut gallery how long I have to look back), I’ve had opportunities to work with some amazing people, build fantastic businesses, and create and launch partner strategies with companies for which I have so much respect.  This past week represents a career milestone for […]

The Market Relevance of the WillHire Acquisition

As the news settles in on WillHire’s acquisition by Pro Unlimited, we wanted to talk in a bit more detail about what it means for our customers, our partners, and the industry as a whole. As a market-leading direct sourcing and talent pool platform for all job categories, this first-ever direct sourcing acquisition validates the […]

Are you ready to expand your D&I strategies to your contingent workforce?

Diversity and Inclusion have become more critical than ever for organizations which stand for social justice and equality. Suppose you don’t have a strategy for recruiting, managing, engaging, and tracking diverse talent within your contingent labor population; you’re missing out on all the benefits a diverse population brings to an organization. This playbook provides insights and recommendations on how to expand D&I strategies across all labor categories. A detailed recommendation to start bringing D&I initiatives for contingent labor to life.

WillHire OnDemand Now Available on SAP® Store

By integrating with SAP® Fieldglass® solutions, WillHire OnDemand addresses hiring challenges faced by enterprise organizations Austin, TX — July 20, 2021 — WillHire, Inc today announced that its OnDemand solution is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. WillHire OnDemand integrates with SAP® Fieldglass® solutions and delivers access to […]

What does it take to make direct sourcing a success?

Have you heard all of the industry buzz about direct sourcing?  If you go to any contingent workforce industry event direct sourcing is the star topic of discussion.  According to SIA, 41% of enterprise organizations plan to implement direct sourcing in the near term.   If you are among one of these contingent program leaders, […]

A global payroll provider? Yes, it’s critical to your direct sourcing and talent pool strategy

Are you among countless enterprise organizations looking to implement direct sourcing and talent pools for your contingent workforce program?  Direct sourcing is certainly the hot topic in any industry event and for good reason.  The proof points of a successful program are exciting…reduced time to fill, reduced costs, high quality of candidates.  It’s changing the […]

Direct Sourcing and Background Checks Enable Immediate Access to Talent

Just recently we announced our strategic partnership with Checkr, the modern-day background check platform that’s empowering the gig economy.   If you don’t know about Checkr, check them out here.   We are thrilled how this integrated partnership will bring tremendous value to hiring managers, contingent workforce leaders, and our MSP partners. To put the […]