WillHire’s Journey to Change Contingent Staffing Industry

The journey started in 2006 trying to understand why there isn’t a better way for candidates to directly engage with enterprises for contract roles. Many of my friends and peers might say, “please not again 2006” 🙂 Looking back it is funny how it took 15 years, 7 product pivots which include, [Gigumes – Gigs […]

The Market Relevance of the WillHire Acquisition

As the news settles in on WillHire’s acquisition by Pro Unlimited, we wanted to talk in a bit more detail about what it means for our customers, our partners, and the industry as a whole. As a market-leading direct sourcing and talent pool platform for all job categories, this first-ever direct sourcing acquisition validates the […]

3 Components For Successful Talent Curation

Talent curation means engaging with candidates by thorough screening, interviewing, and skills assessment/testing in advance of them being submitted for a role. Curation is critical to ensuring a person has the right hard and soft skills to perform at a high level. Curation is strategic, systematic, and tailored by role, industry, and skill. More importantly, […]

Top 5 Benefits of Adopting The On-Demand Model For Your Contingent Workforce

The on-demand economy is defined as the economic activity created by digital marketplaces and technology companies to fulfill consumer demand via immediate access to goods and services. The rapid growth of the “on-demand economy” is accelerated by food delivery, cab aggregators, and e-commerce players like Doordash, Uber, Amazon, etc. This has meant a new way […]

What is shift work and how it is useful for industries?

If your business is open for more than 16+ hours a day, chances are you’re going to need to schedule some type of shift work.  But what exactly is shift work? What industries use it? And why is it important to industries? What is shift work? One of the simplest ways to understand shift work […]

It’s Finally Time for Change in Light Industrial And Shift Hiring

We keep hearing from hiring managers across healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and call centers (and more) their biggest worry is wondering if they’ll have the workers they need for their shifts today, tomorrow, and beyond. Today’s processes are broken and out of date.  Finding workers and them showing up is laden with manual methods and includes […]

WillHire extends platform with industry-first light industrial and shift worker direct sourcing and talent pool solution

AUSTIN, Texas, February 9, 2021: WillHire today announced that its direct sourcing and talent pool platform is addressing long-time challenges for enterprises who utilize light industrial and shift workers. WillHire OnDemand was created based upon input and guidance from enterprises across manufacturing, distribution, retail, and healthcare that rely heavily on these critical resources to achieve their business […]

Leadership’s role in advancing D&I initiatives

We just launched our latest in the series Diversity Playbooks and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  In fact, our entire team at WillHire is as passionate about Diversity and Inclusion.  It’s personal to us and we live it each day in the culture of our organization.  We also enable other organizations to expand their D&I […]

Where to start for direct sourcing?

With the increase in the number of participants in the independent workforce, companies realize they now have access to better talent than ever before. Enterprises with extensive requirements for contingent workforce deal with a massive cost from staffing agencies, quality issues, and lack of control in their day to day operations now understand direct sourcing […]

What are the benefits of Direct Sourcing?

In today’s digital age, companies have access to a pool of more than forty-one million independent professionals. With unprecedented growth in this labor market, 61% of organizations say they expect to hire more contingent workers in the next three years. More and more organizations are looking to solve the big question – “What if we […]