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About WillHire Direct Sourcing

We are living in the world of VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Changes are rapid and constant as humans and businesses strive to get work done faster and easier. We believe that businesses that don’t disrupt get disrupted.

As forerunners in the Talent Acquisition space, we believe we are committed to keep disrupting as we all look for better and faster ways to attract, curate, and engage Talent every day.

Leveraging our experiences over the past several years in the recruitment industry, we continuously evolved in our quest to help enterprises achieve their talent acquisition goals. Given that the majority of our business has been in Contingent Staffing, we realized the extreme importance of reinventing how business is done in this space.

Over two years of research and several pivots, we believe we have created the best direct sourcing services as a plug and play solution in the Total Talent Management industry. Our journey enabling enterprises to launch self and direct sourcing with zero disruption has just begun – and we are excited to bring our clients tremendous cost and program efficiencies.

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How WillHire.co started?

Praneeth, as a job seeker in 2006, found a contract opportunity at Accenture through an employee referral. He found that he had to be sourced through an agency and had to pay a markup just to get on-boarded. The frustration of having to be passed through an agency started Praneeth on a journey to build out models which reduce inefficiencies in the staffing workflow. Failing first with an experiment with a Fee for Service model, Praneeth then found an exciting opportunity, winning a contract with State of Texas-DIR for $600M of spend to be managed through a tailored VMS. That led to the building of GiGumes, a resume search engine which was beating out LinkedIn on the Boolean search on the SEO (this was in the PageRank era before the Panda, Penguin and latest Hummingbird upgrades of Google Search). 

The next big step was the launching of Jobhuk.com, an independent recruitment marketplace at SXSW which won the best bootstrapped company award. With several product market fit validations under Jobhuk, Praneeth discovered the value of employee referrals and the power of applying those to contingent workforce programs – which solved the frustration that spurred him into motion in 2006! 

Practicing HRTech for nearly a decade, Praneeth championed talent attraction and engagement models which were totally being missed in virtually all contingent programs. Through the acquisition of Jobhuk, Praneeth gained exposure to 130+ MSP and self-managed contingent programs, many with large enterprises. 

Working through the contingent programs and hearing from enterprise program and procurement managers, it became more than evident that contingent programs were missing out on a huge optimization opportunity. The benefits of total talent management can only be achieved with acquisition techniques borrowed from the modern day and applied to temp labor. This is where the concepts of direct and self-sourcing took shape and, after several experiments and iterations, a successful pilot led to the opportunity to bring this independent product to market.

Our Team

Kevin Poll

Kevin Poll

Global Head, Partnerships

Kevin Poll

Global Head, Partnerships
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