Upgrade your temp talent programs with next gen referral platform

Industry Study: Referred candidates cost 45% lower compared to traditional sourcing! Save money. Save time.

Referral candidates are 3 to 4 times more likely to be hired

Referred talent have an average retention rate of 46% 

compared to 33% when acquired through traditional sourcing

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Your employees and contractors refer potential hires for your open temp roles by being part of TalentNetwork
Employees and contractors review open roles listed on your new temp careers page and refer potential hires. Candidates are invited to apply instantly.

How It Works?


Fast Referrals

Temp Jobs Page

Manage in one page

Launch your Career and TalentNetwork sites within a few minutes. We integrate them with industry leading VMS platforms to automatically pull jobs
Track & manage your referral program, job application life cycle, TalentNetwork members and more in a single solution  

Machine Learning

Identify and engage top talent within your TalentNetwork with built-in Machine Learning and Autopilot engagements

Single-point payments

Hassle-free payment management. WillHire takes care of the payments to individuals while you enjoy consolidated billing

Time cards and billing

Don't want to manage referrals through the VMS? We've got you covered with fully integrated time card and billing management

Social Referrals

Control the flow of your TalentNetwork by using the social share feature. Turn on the ability for employees and contractors to invite potential temp talent through their social networks. Control which job openings are shared and view your top referrers.

Job Seekers 

  from the web

Need help in generating additional talent through job boards and other sourcing channels? Opt-in for traction management program, which delivers active job seekers directly through several top traffic generators using organic and paid channels


Access and analyze detailed referral metrics to view real time opportunities for improvement. Custom reporting and easy to digest reports available with a single click
Candidate applications and the talent pool on-boarding process further qualify information required for current and future needs
Every job applicant is screened by our machine learning algorithm to derive a MatchingScore and eliminate low bound scores. Our team of SMEs further qualify each candidate and only recommend hires in the top 10% of the candidate pool
Hiring managers gain instant access to candidates through our built-in ATS or preferred VMS. Compunnel acts as the Employer of Record and completes the on-boarding process so you can start working with the new resource quickly

Refer Talent

Job Application

Machine + Human Screening



Interview, Hire & On-board








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